The Last Rainbow Brigade

The world of Eem has seen its share of cataclysm. But where there is turmoil and disaster, there are also heroes. And it is in these times that a force for good is marshaled amongst the denizens of Dingledell, the gentle unassuming forest realm of the Gnomes and Faerie folk. This force, for a hundred generations is known as the Rainbow Brigade.

Named for the colorful prisms of bending light so common to the dewy valley of Dingledell, the Rainbow Brigade is also marked by the the Stalwart Stag, an emblem of home-spun heraldry, which celebrates their devotion to both forest and animal. Four hundred times the Rainbow Brigade has battled disaster: floods, plagues, invaders. And four hundred times have they been victorious in their endeavors.

In recent years, the industrial juggernaut of goblin industry has not only devoured much of the Middle Kingdom’s natural resources, but–both literally and metaphorically–has undermined the foundations of non-boggart civilization. And in the not-so-distant past, a particular goblin incursion into the Dingledell aspired to wrest the Faerie folk from their ancient home, to slake greedy goblin mouths, fixed on deforestation.

A multi-disciplinary, corporate conglomerate was formed, and mercenaries hired to invade the Dingledell from a small glen called Sprocklepotch. Amongst the ranks of the executive staff, it was readily believed that the taking of Sprocklepotch would go largely unnoticed. To this day, it is indeed a relatively unimportant piece of geography, hardly special at all. However, to the Gnomes, faeries, and woodland folk–Sprocklepotch is a delightful spot, rich with cultural histories and traditions, not to mention the location of the best pastry shop, this side of Hamarung.

Thus ensued the First Battle of Sprocklepotch Glen, which resulted in the last marshaling of the Rainbow Brigade in the modern era. And for the four hundredth and first time, the Brigade was victorious–so much so, in fact, that the day is now discussed widely amongst military historians as one of the most one sided battles in the history of the known world.