The Middle-Route Run

Like a meandering river across the middle of Eem, the Middle-Route Run connects the east to the west, all the way to the coast, and up the northwestern portion of the continent, into The Broken Country. Trailblazed in a bygone age, it was the lifeblood that united the kingdoms of Eem.

Today the Middle-Route Run, also known as The Slog or the Tyrant’s Highway, is little more than a derelict highway, besieged by bandits, Boggart entrepreneurs, rapscallions, and fiends looking to squeeze tribute from the remaining goodly folk of Eem. The few that can survive the great slog are the many dungeoneer caravans, and the brigand hordes of Boggarts, and Bogrils, and rugged men-at-arms. The common folk have little use for the road now, with no interest in grand commerce, or long journeys to the other side of the world. It is simply not worth the trouble and the risk.