The Monstrous Portraits

The monstrous portraits that hang on Golo’s tower wall above his throne of bones, depict his beloved Ogre-kin. On the left is his brother Kurgonn the Earth-Gnasher, on the right his brother Oomek the Sea-Drinker, and in the middle his mother Gordak the Progenitor. Long ago, Golo originally commissioned the renowned Felmog artist Rognir Helgot to paint them, but found that Rognir was taking too many liberties, and straying too far from the Ogre’s descriptions. Golo found the end result so distasteful, abstract, and unlike his family that he swallowed the artist whole, without a even a bite.

Thirteen different artists were subsequently commissioned, all whose individual styles and contributions still remain present on the massive canvases to a discerning eye. But the last artist, Iflee Hangknapper, a Boggart specializing in pet portraits, was the only to survive the task. And while she survived the task, she did not survive her stay at Castle Lake; Golo became so enamored with her work that he made her paint night and day, trapping her in a jar with an easel, so that she couldn’t escape. But one day, Golo awoke from a particularly long slumber to find poor Iflee Hangknapper suffocated and dead from toxic paint fumes.