The Shar

Shar, or The Shar, is the name for the mysterious deep, far beneath the crust of Eem. The strangest, most secretive, and often most dangerous creatures dwell there. Shar, however, should not be mistaken for the proper Underlands. Instead, Shar represents an abyssal deep and untamed and hellish wilderness, whose landscapes fall into the center of the world.

Much of the place is a spiraling under-continent, that reaches like hollow fingers towards the core of the world, as opposed to stretching across great expanses of land and sea. However, like the world above, subterranean oceans, mountains, rivers, even forests of fungi can be found. The Shimmer for example, was the center of a massive underground water system, and for generations, a primary water source for the Shryms of Shrym. Additionally, the fungal forests have for centuries been an indispensable resource to delving Dweorgs, who harvest the spores of towering mushrooms as a staple food source.

The majority of the Shar is blanketed in complete darkness, and is only ever lit by the glowing wonders of bioluminescent fungi, creatures, and the glimmering torchlight of the most secretive of creatures. Among the denizens of this world are some of the most dangerous in Eem. Wyrms are among them, burrowing their nests deeper and deeper, always clawing toward the bubbling heat of the deepest molten lakes to lay their eggs. Even dragons dwell in the Shar. Starved for quiet and sleep, the dragon Gargamug is famed for rising from his black pit to broker a lasting peace between the Shyrm and Dweorg civilizations following a great war. And of course, the Gwarglebeast, the mysterious terror is said to have risen from most remote depths.

The Shar has never been fully explored. Amongst overlanders the endeavor seems insane. However, the Dweorgs, especially their famed chieftain Ogo the Beardless, were so enchanted by the dream of complete conquest of the gem-rich Shar, they are said to have ventured alone to chart the labyrinths of glowing rock and quiet hollows.