The Skull of Leef Lavyndar

Atop the liquor shelf at Wally’s Waffles and Weorgs sits a humble, unassuming skull of Leef Lavydar. Many surmise that it once belonged to a dread foe of Wallace the Freebooter King (ol’ Wally’s pirate alias from his younger days). Many more fail to even give it a second glance. But Wally…he peers up at that skull every morning. He gives it a long, pregnant salute. He says, “How’s the pond lookin’, matey?” And then he lards up the grill for another day of slinging waffles and weorgs.

Wally knew the moment it happened that he’d have to hang up the plank for good. One minute Leef Lavyndar was cracking wise, arguing over an errant dice throw in a high stakes game of Roogledeek, the next his head rolled down into the cargo hold, clean-cut decapitated by the assassins of Ulfrex the Cruel, Lord Marshal of Maax.

A bloody-handed battle atop the deck of The Scarlet Scallywagon claimed the lives of forty men. In the end, the assassins were drawn, quartered, and fed to the ivory-spotted octopi of Barnaby Bay. But knowing that Ulfrex would stop at nothing to retrieve his stolen treasure, Wally renounced his captaincy, forsook his beloved ship and all his worldly possessions (save the treasure), and carried the skull of his best friend and first mate Leef Lavyndar to the site of his new restaurant.