The Tombs of Ur

Ur is the northernmost mountain range in Eem and one of the most remote places in the world. Mount Ur is rivaled only by Mount Hetch in height, but unlike mighty Hetch, Ur is largely hollow, pocked with endless tunnels and chambers.

Mount Ur is actually a tomb, a great sepulcher, whose ancient masters hollowed the rock with forgotten magic and etched grand cathedrals into the dark stones beneath the surface of the snowy peaks. Therein, massive chambers house the sarcophagi or kings, once powerful lords of Hamarung, the Forgotten Empire. The kings are bound in silken wrappings, and sleep eternally on beds of cold treasure and priceless relics that any Felmog worth their salt, would prize above their own lives.

Amongst the nameless dead, there are some sarcophagi that lay empty, some whose treasures have been wrested from the immortal sleep and stillness of those impassible walls and gates. These are the Liches and they persist in the living world for purposes and in numbers unknown.