The Used T’be Forest

The Used T’be Forest used to be a forest. Now it’s a wide expanse of sad and rotting stumps. Stretching from Fleabag County to Grimly Wood, all of the forest’s life has either perished or retreated since the dawning of the Dungeon Era. Competing logging outfits felled the trees of three woodlands: Brisbee Forest, Huxweald, and Thrushwood; in only a few years there was nothing left, and the lumber supplied the construction of practically all of the Muckland dungeons.

Orfong’s Dungeon is situated at the center of The Used T’be Forest, its expansive tunnel and cavern networks reaching from the eastern-most Knolls of the Wade, all the way to the Drippy Downs. Sinkholes are not uncommon in the newer, less regulated portions of Orfong’s dungeon matrix, and take months, or in some cases years to rebuild.

This unforgiving, blasted environment makes for hard and dangerous traveling. And without trees, the sea winds make traversing The Middle-Route Run treacherous and taxing. It’s not unheard of for a man-eating Skrok to swoop down from the sky and carry away an unsuspecting wayfarer.

Yet, although the lingering smell of death and decay suffocates the once fragrant and flower-speckled forest floor, on rare occasions, when no one’s about, Gnomes can be seen planting daffodil seeds and acorns with their tiny thumbs.