To average folk, a sparrow-sprite is indiscernible from a common garden sparrow, but to the initiated, sparrow-sprites are very special creatures who can not only talk, but often bind themselves to adventurers to act as heralds and road companions for those that have journeyed far, far from home.

It is believed that sparrow-sprites found their affinity for travelers long ago, when Eem was host to heroes in the age before Goblin machinations threw the world into industrial stagnation. Sparrow-sprites are kind by nature and hold in their hearts a thoughtful pity for any creature that cannot freely roam from one place to another by way of flight. Many a worried mother, father, wife, and husband have been visited by a sparrow-sprite as their loved one traverses the roads of some far off place. And many lonely wanders have been uplifted by news from home when their sparrow-sprite returns.

Among themselves, sparrow-sprites are called Eo, and primarily make nests in the Dingledell. Those sparrow-sprites who do not engage in the age old tradition of aiding travelers generally live in forest canopy communities (the largest being the city of Quickbough), where they tend to the well-being of the wood in tandem with any local gnomes or unicorns. Unfortunately, much of their time is also spent warding off raids and attacks from the Buzzards, a nomadic tribe of hawk-riding Boggles who terrorize the Dingledell and Grimly Wood.