The Mucklands Music Scene

What can only be described as a vapid hole of gimmicks and schtick, the Mucklands music scene is characterized by tubas, accordions, saxophones, and tunes that are more akin to commercial jingles than any truly composed piece of musical expression. Dungeon outfits and their associated subsidiaries are the purveyors of these writhing earworms, so it can easily be gleaned that art and culture are not the primary concern here.

It is from this vile, corporate landscape that emerged a vital, though largely obscure (and literally underground) punker scene known mostly as Emo-Goblin, Goblincore, or Bog Metal. Acts like Slime-O and the Freakshow, Ogre Puke, and The Usurpers have taken the younger Mucklands generation by the white collar, and ripped their corporate threads to shreds, inspiring a growing contingent to abandon their parents’ way of life.

On any given night, if you look hard enough, or subscribe to the plethora of zines dedicated to the scene, you will find a lineup of a half dozen up-and-coming acts, and be among a crowd that has no intention of waking up before noon the following day.