The Penta Ghasts

The Penta Ghasts is the name of a poem written by an unknown author who once dwelled within the Starless Sedge. The poem’s subject matter is widely debated within the circles in which such odd and grim poetry is celebrated, though it is firmly agreed that the poem is intended as a warning. And even further, others that trek into the darker places of the world, believe the poem itself may be a small portion of a long forgotten, and most certainly dreadful spell.

Oddities that remain unexplained are many. For instance, why the prominent usage of the letter “B”? None seem to know and will likely never be discovered, but one thing is for certain: The Penta Ghasts begs the reader be wary of a terrible thing that lurks in places inaccessible to us, and lives on as a reminder to “be mindful of your tears”.

The poem reads:

Below, there wakes the third and fourth.
Blinking in the dark.
Beneath, there lulls the dreaming fifth.
Be wary of the spark.

Behind, there rises ribbons black
Billow though they might
Between, there creeps a narrow hand
Be fearful of the night

Before, there dwelled a mournful tongue
Bereaved are those who hear
Beyond, there stirs a seeing star
Be mindful of your tears