The Quest

Just as Knight Errants are now mostly remnants of a bygone age, so is the notion of the Quest. The Quest was a challenge: hard-fought, and far away, and was very often associated with relics, treasures, conquests, and passions. It was a goal to be achieved at all costs, and most notably, at great peril to the person challenged to achieve it.

 In the modern Dungeon Era, the sanctity of the Quest really only appeals to inhabitants of Felmog, who almost unanimously believe quests to be critical rites of passage in anyone’s life. In Felmog, little has more value than a hard-sought relic or treasure, as their lust for antiquity drives them to the four corners of Eem, and pits them against often impossible odds of survival. Fame and fortune are paramount in the eyes of a Felmog Knight, and counter to the more simple lives of folk and boggarts to the south, Felmogs desire only to immortalize their names in history, as their forebears have done for generations.

In more ancient times, Quests were not only taken on by Knights and warriors; they were also adopted by folk who were reluctant and afraid, but compelled to journey from home to faraway lands for a purpose greater than themselves. Today, these are merely recounted as simple stories, but the stories ring true, and they always relate a recurring theme: Selflessness is a trait of the brave, and the meek are inspired by the bold.