The Silver Ships of Pelano

Only briefly mentioned in passing in a handful of old songs and tomes now forgotten by scholars or time altogether, the Silver Ships of Pelano were once a fleet of renowned merchant vessels who hailed from a distant island kingdom known to few as Pelano, which has since sunken to the bottom of the sea.

Long before the Dungeon Era, these ships would trade at every port along the western and eastern shores of the Middle Kingdom. Selling rare and unheard-of textiles and spices, and introducing metallurgic recipes that are, today, staples of modern industry, the Silver Ships were highly influential in shaping the culture of the age, despite appearing only once or twice a decade.

It was surmised that the Silver Ships traversed the entirety of the world a total of fifteen times before they never returned again, a feat that has never been duplicated, let alone a single time.