The Tricks of Impdom

Imps must always have their tricks. This core mantra is a cultural cornerstone for imps and their sneaky, malign magic. Imps, being naturally tricky creatures possess a tuned mastery of lesser magic–a magic that is born of their blood and most often leveraged as a heightened defense mechanism against both enemies and predators. Imp tricks are as natural as venom to snakes, poison to toads, and the armored shells of tortoises.

Imp tricks frequently surface in dire situations wherein an Imp may find themselves at the mercy of a cruel master or bound for the belly of a hungry beast. Or they can sometimes be activated through some silly, esoteric bodily gesture unique to the individual. Though the physical nature of these tricks varies wildly, from simple disguises to sudden flashes of uncanny light, Imps are not considered to be of any wizardly importance and their marvels are not by any stretch of the imagination linked to the wonders of sorcery. After all, most Imp tricks can be dispelled with a simple sneeze.