The Willow House of Grimly Wood

Rooted sturdily on the outskirts of Grimly Wood, the Willow House is a bastion of beauty and good feeling in a world overrun by gloom. Hollowed and built by a Gnome who has lived there for ages, it sits nestled behind a hill and next to a nameless stream, where countless forest creatures come to drink and rest under the willow tree’s shade. In fact, creatures that would normally be predator and prey lounge and frolic together in complete harmony. Fox and bunny, wolf and deer, bird and mouse. And although Gnomes by their very nature inspirit such calm and peace in all members of the animal kingdom, it almost never manifests with such power and magnitude. The Willow House itself exudes an aura.

To others, such as Kobolds, Bugbears, and Trolls, the Willow House is to be approached only with extreme caution. The very same aura that animals find soothing, these nasty creatures find distasteful and alarming. Some have even been known to break out into hives, or become debilitatingly nauseous. And on one occasion, the Gnome of Grimly Wood was met by an oozing puddle of Kobold on his doorstep: the overnight remains of a poor, misguided knave who had gotten his hand stuck in the mail slot.