Thulbert’s Pass

D. Thulbert Handydink is a name most folks don’t recall. But for the few that do, D. Thulbert Handydink is a gnome most associated with trail blazing. An explorer by trade, Thulbert took to the world aback his trusty riding-deer Chance Meeting, the finest riding-deer he ever trained, bounding from sea to sea to see both seas and everything inbetween.

Thulbert’s most noteable trail is called Thulbert’s Pass, of course. It cuts through Grimly Wood in the most efficient way possible, before the trees and foliage become too impenetrable and the paths too winding. Thulbert’s Pass offshoots in four directions, to Starless Sedge, Nargyle’s Haunt, The Skein, and Vangol’s Reach.

It is in Vangol’s Reach where Thulbert earned his honorific title of “D.” As he attempted to trailblaze his Pass through the Reach, he unwittingly encroached upon the lair of the last Daughter of Vangol, the great Dragon who subsequently awoke from a slumber of centuries on a mound of ancient bones. Mounted on his riding-deer Chance, the gnome leapt away, just barely avoiding a plume of fiery death, as charred trunks and branches fell like dominoes around him.

The last Daughter of Vangol might have burned down half of Grimly Wood before it laid waste to the rest of Eem had Thulbert not done the unthinkable. He turned Chance around and charged, leaping into Vangol’s Daughter’s gaping maw before the great beast could even think to bite. And like the densest foliage in Grimly Wood, Thulbert took his knife and hatchet and cleaved his way through the Dragon’s cherry red insides, bursting its flame-sac like a bomb. Thulbert would have died, in fact he expected as much, but Chance Meeting bucked him with all of her might, launching him out of the Dragon’s throat and mouth, his trusty deer’s final act.

The bones still lay in Vangol’s Reach, the Dragon’s and the deer’s, if you can manage to find them among the dead trees and the fog.