Trade Villains

The Dungeon Era has given rise to many unseemly trades, but none is so contemptuous as the profession of Trade Villains, that is, the trade of professional villains. With so many cutthroat corporations vying for position in a flooded market, competition naturally led to the need for dirty work: murders, sabotage, intrigue. But what happens when you’ve used up all your evil schemes? Outsource them to professionals, of course. What began as the clandestine day-to-day jobs of crime bosses and underworld henchmen working for big companies, soon branched out into an industry that now caters to any old Tum, Durk, or Hairy, allowing the common citizen to order up the services of a professional villain at the drop of a hat.

Get dumped by your girlfriend for another man? Just call in an assassin from Just The Hits and have the bloke offed for the low, low price of three eggs and a flagon. All discreet, no questions asked. Are your next door neighbor’s sheep chewing up your yard? Hire a representative from Dreams and Schemes, and they’ll cook up nine dastardly ways to handle the problem for good. All you have to do is choose.

Today, trade villains are in as much demand as plumbers and restaurateurs. If only Trade Heroism was so popular.