Troll Farts

Troll farts, in addition to literally being flatus expelled from a Troll’s butt, is a form of enormous natural energy. While not clearly understood on an alchemical level, it is understood that Troll’s Wind generates ten times the combustible energy of burning coal. Feral Boggles, despite their small stature and smaller intellect, have learned this, and utilize Troll’s Wind as an energy source to heat and power their homes. These Boggles even go so far as to send out expeditions to harvest troll droppings; once collected, entire villages will use the droppings as a form of building material, packing and baking bricks.

Often undetected by average folk’s scent palate, and defying conventional wisdom, Troll farts do not smell rancid or stale. On the contrary, a Troll’s fart always retains the exact aroma of its last meal. For example, a pair of hungry travelers, while roaming the Murbletoad Marshes, might remark: “But soft, dost thou smelleth that chicken?” When in fact there is no chicken, but actually a troll’s passed gas wandering the wind, the ghost of a well-prepared chicken dinner a fortnight ago. However, this effect can also have negative consequences, if, for instance, a Troll were to spend a night drinking whisky, and then stumble half-mad and starving into an onion patch.