Known widely amongst storytellers for their ferocity and battle prowess, Unicorns have remained in fables and folklore for generations, although their kind is rarely encountered among normal folk. Like silent assassins, Unicorns prowl the forests of Eem, protecting the woods from assailants, vandalizers, and dark menaces that would otherwise destroy or corrupt.

There are many misconceptions about Unicorns bandied about by the uninformed. Among Boggarts, it is widely accepted that they worship vile deities, stealing wayward boggartlings and virgins to sacrifice. On the other hand, some folk traditions describe them as kindly, docile creatures who only ever fight when provoked. Both of these could not be further from the truth. Unicorns do not “sacrifice” creatures for any purposes whatsoever, but they will indiscriminately use lethal force in the defense of their forest, whether provoked or not. A Unicorn will waste no time in killing if it perceives a creature to be a threat, which is why Kobolds take painstaking efforts to mask their scents with faerie dust, which to a Unicorn is just like breathing clean air.

Not only do Unicorns protect forests, they also help them grow. A Unicorn’s natural aura is like a magnificent sunshower to wildlife, and sometimes, the very flora surrounding them will bend to face the Unicorn’s presence just as a sunflower does to greet the sun.