Wally’s Waffles & Weorgs

Situated on the north western front of the Used T’be Forest, Wally’s Waffles & Weorgs has been serving high quality, home-pressed waffles and freshly slaughtered Weorg meat substitute since ‘82.

Founded by Wally Purvis Dunkwiffle, the retired hero-bandit and human dwarf (not to be confused with Dweorg), the restaurant is an icon in bandit, brigand, rapscallion, and ne’er-do-well underculture. Thieves convene to plan their heists, robbers split their takes, and seafaring Freebooters traverse the Used T’be Forest in grand caravans to sell and barter their booty. Even with twelve waffle presses and two industrial fryers spitting out eats for hungry knaves, there’s still a line out the door on Chimney-chunga® Night.

While it’s true that Wally’s is a rough-and-tumble place, Wally insists that it’s a family restaurant; as such, a standing “rapscallion’s agreement” to refrain from brandishing blades indoors limits the number of patron deaths to two or three per week.