Wally’s Wild Amateur Night

In an effort to soften the rough and prickly crowd every once in a while, Wally unveiled his Wild Amateur Night, where performers from all around the land can come and entertain in exchange for copious amounts of grog.

The tradition originated with an impromptu puppet performance by the late Pelenorp Waldin and his Daring Marionettes. Pelenorp, a raging alcoholic, could only pay off his monstrous bar tab by providing a show. And to his credit, his drunken performance was so avant-garde that it dazzled every last Boggle watching from the rafters (Boggles being notoriously harsh critics). Unfortunately for the puppeteer, it just so happened that the Druids of Dromingath were in attendance, and proceeded to slay Pelenorp Waldin during intermission for so-called “crimes against wood and string.”

Since then Wally’s has attracted such renowned acts as Flibbert J. and the Shamalamadingledells, the comedic stylings of Merv Oliopolis, the Fleabag County Flea Circus, Glif and Kif Smudders musical comedy duo, Miss Giddy and the Stickertwits, and Trongdar the Hammer Swallower of Moog.