Warden of the Wood

The choosing of a Warden of the Wood is an important thing, but not one whose methods are easily understood. There are no elder councils or arduous labors that mark a Warden. Instead, there is a strong spiritual pull emanated from the woods themselves.

As with all things, the forests of Eem have spirits, which drive the hidden purpose of being that guides every action and reaction within the marvelous enigma of life. Forest spirits come in many shapes and forms, from wisps of glowing lights that dance through the boughs of old trees, to slow moving dewy drops, touched by the earth’s will to slake the thirst of flowers.

Spirits have names as well. For instance, Ump the Spirit of the Stump who dreamed of a Warden to come at last to Grimly Wood and rid him of the nibbly mice, which would hollow him out so fiercely that a stiff downpour almost drowned him. So Ump wished and hoped and wished and dreamed, and lo there came the Warden of the Wood, with her magenta hair and heavy hooves to deliver him from nibbles.

Wardens are gifted with a sense for the state of natural things. They are not wizards or mystics, they are bearers of the will of the Spirits, and simply grasp the ballet of the wilderness, as aptly as a falcon would sense the subtleties of the wind.