Whisperdale Meadow

The Whisderdale is a pretty, but ordinary looking meadow of tall grass, wildflowers, butterflies, and songbirds. What makes the Whisperdale remarkable is that its flowers bloom year round and are seemingly immune to the winter’s frost, or the heat of the North Muckland dry season.

Believed to be enchanted, the story of Whisperdale begins as the site of an ancient battle. Long ago, a grand army of average folk fought and died for a just cause. What that cause was, or who those folk were is no longer common knowledge, but it is believed that the fallen men-at-arms still warm the earth with their acts of courage–which explains the oddity of perpetual spring.

In the most recent days of the Dungeon Era, Boggarts and Highwaymen avoid the meadow, for fear of vengeful spirits and folk magic.