Wishing Sticks

Wishing Sticks are very special. According to faerie legend there lived a fabled tree named Rym who lived in the age before Eem’s recorded history. Rym’s roots grew deep and her body was split at the base of her trunk by two great branches that wrapped around the entirety of Eem, gripping to each leafy tip like holding hands. The touching of Rym’s branches was called the “Green Harmony” and the enormity of it humbled all faerie folk. But also from Rym’s branches came seeds and fruits and lumber and shade, and the faerie folk were glad.

For more generations than can be counted Rym united the old world by the sturdiness of her branches, until finally in her advanced age she finally let go to peacefully die. The branches fell and shattered into a million million splinters and sticks, and the folk of that time wept for one hundred years, as they gathered up the broken remains of their honored, arbor matron. And with each fragment of Rym, the faeries wished her well and wished her thanks, wheresoever she may rest.

And so the practice of wishing on a stick, more commonly known as wishing sticks, has been preserved to thank aged and decaying trees for the gifts they once bestowed. Be they seed or fruit or lumber or shade, the faerie always wish a dead tree well and always wish them thanks.