Witter Pipes

Gnomes are noble creatures and despite their agreeable nature and domestic homeliness, a gnome has an instinct to always do the right thing, whether it manifests as a simple gesture of kindness or the burden of treacherous quest. For this reason gnomes carry a certain amount of stress, the kind of quiet anxiety that only the most vigilant carry. And so, as a reminder of the simple things, gnomes around Eem carry with them a Witter pipe.

Witter pipes are ordinary pipes for smoking, made from wood local to the gnome’s home, carved by hand, and sometimes decorated with familial charms and reminders of happy life events. And though the pipes are simple and unremarkable, they are powerful symbols for: rest, quiet time, and merriment.

The tradition of carrying a Witter pipe dates back to the founding of the Rainbow Brigade. After a long day of danger and peril the Rainbow Brigadiers needed to remember what they were fighting for, and so the gnomes lit pipes, drank tea, and laughed into the night around a crackling fire–danger and peril dashed to the farthest corners of their mind. After all, what’s to fear in dark woods and haunted glens when gnomes are around, nestled by the fire and laughing into the gloomy night?