Wyrd Womps

Womps, or Wyrd Womps are enormous, six legged beasts that live lethargic lives, half-buried in the cool mud of bogs and swamps throughout Eem’s western hemisphere. Beneath the mud, their wide jaws are rowed with flat, squared teeth and gnash at the rocks and roots of their soggy burrows, rooting for worms and grubs slumbering beneath the surface.

Womp legs are as stout as tree trunks and host cloven, hooked hooves for deft digging despite their bulk. Their blue-green hides are ten inches thick, and are nearly impervious to spears, which make Womps a poor game animal, but particularly desirable beasts of burden for those willing to invest the time and energy to wrest them from their homes.

The word Womp comes from an infrequently spoken Boggle dialect. The word derives from the down-note tuba sound a Womp makes when it lurches through the mud. Coincidentally “Womp” is also a Goblin term for squishing, which may have very likely been the last thing a Boggle might here before being stepped on by one of these gentle giants.