Zamorandash Mountains

Snowcapped for half of the year, the Zamorandash Mountains rise from the eastern end of the Canyons of Pim and stretch as far north as the Broken Country. The tallest peak is Mount Hetch which is visible on a clear day as far west as the city of Kreeth and as far east as Waed.

The Zamorandash are home to the Goblins of the Hob, a small, remote country of Goblins who staunchly reject the modern, industrialized empires of their southern cousins. The Zamorandash are also home to ancient aviaries and the fanes of forgotten nobilities, as well as sparse clans of Bugbears who often clash over territory with their Goblin neighbors.

The name Zamorandash comes from a Goblin mispronunciation of Zamorand, which means ‘boulder strong’ in the language of the Bugbears whose numbers once blanketed the steeps and cliffs, herding mountain goats and farming a nutrient rich ivy that grows only sparsely today. But as it seems to be their fate, the Bugbears thinned their own herd in time, killing each other over petty disputes, while the Goblins of the Hob encroached.