“Dwimmercraftiness and You” by Sherbut Pynch

For most boggarts (and especially goblins) magic doesn’t exist. However, the conceptual benefits and uses of magic are not lost upon them–and as a result, a very profitable occult books vertical on the subject has taken the underlands by storm.

Dictated but not read by the infamous kobold magician, Sherbut Pynch, Dwimmercraftiness and You is a kind of self-help guide to magic. Originally, conceived as a value add for a magical, mail-order tooth sharpener, the book found an unlikely audience in goblin homemakers, and has been a bestselling book-club darling ever since.

Tremendous success has rocketed Pynch into stardom, where he now hosts a series of lectures and popup chats on Dwimmercraftiness and the KitchenDwimmercraftiness and the Dog, and of course the Hobs of Hetch Award Winner, Dwimmercraftiness and the Importance of Being Ornery.