Keester Snaps

Keester Snaps | Rickety Stitch

Keester Snaps always bite. They are hostile, horned beetles that are unwanted in almost every culture, kingdom, and continent of the known world--but for one, tiny exception. Keester Snaps are utilized as steeds, beasts of labor, and watch dogs by Boggles. Indeed, what better way to keep a shipment of Troll Dung safe than on the back of an infuriatingly nippy Keester Snap?

Keester Snap taming has been passed down amongst Boggles for generations. The first ‘Snappers’ were wrangled by Chim ‘Knuckle-Poker’ Shnop, famed Insect Wrangler and coincidental Slayer of the dread Goblin, Foogar the Stepper-onner. Chim wove his lassos out of honey weed, not only to lure in Keester Snaps with the delicious scent, but also to bind them with sticky strands. Once wrangled, conditioning is more for the wrangler than the wranglee, as it takes a fair amount of time for a Boggle rump to firm up with calluses in order to deflect the searing pain of a Keester Snap snap. But that’s a small price to pay for the protection and mobility that Keester Snaps provide forest Boggle communities. And besides, Keester Snap handler fatalities only account for 19% of premature Boggle deaths (only 10% of Boggle deaths are from natural causes, anyway.)