Worl Woods

A wayfaring young woman standing atop the massive roots of a Worl Wood.

A wayfaring young woman standing atop the massive roots of a Worl Wood.

Worl Woods are some of the tallest trees in Eem and make for a practical choice when fashioning enormous furniture. But its not the size that makes their forests impressive, its the notion that faerie folk believe Worl Woods are sentient, even after death.

With roots reaching up to a thousand feet down, many forest dwellers believe that these monumental growths drink neither rain nor rivers thawed by wintery mountain peaks. It is believed that these trees drink from the font of Eem’s spirit. Like great, fingers they reach from the surface of Eem, swaying imperceptibly with the rhythm of the spinning world.

Faeries believe that a Worl Wood dreams, shedding pieces of its nigh immortal memory with every falling leaf–telling an epic story with every branch and vine and twig and bulb. No other living thing in the known world lives so long as a Worl Wood, and so no other thing can tell a story so sweeping and profound.

Throng Weed

Throng Weed is not naturally occurring, but rather comes from Lord Uful of Kreeth, a minor noble serving House Khasadar in Felmog. Uful, being a farming enthusiast himself, paired many plants to create new ones. And the thorny weed, Throng is actually a hybrid of several coastal scrub bushes, native to the seaside capital of Felmog and was initially devised by Lord Uful as a natural, security barricade.

The namesake was spawned from the weed’s excessive growth and density of thorns, referred to gleefully by the Felmog Lord as ‘the throng’. The weed was originally planted in gardens and along the walls of Felmog homes, outlying the more protected cities and population centers—but soon sprung wildly wheresoever its black roots sank into willing soil.
Despite ravaging nearly every ecosystem it reaches, Throng Weed is by far the most common in the coastal regions of Felmog proper. And despite Lord Uful’s supposed genius in creating it, most Felmog citizens revile the ugly tangle and denounce its over-enthusiastic maker.

Sticky Wickle Vines

For generations the Shryms of Shrym have traded fortunes for the baleful petals that flower on rare Sticky Wickle vines. The Shrym are not only industrious inventors and engineers, they are also very capable alchemists, and for generations have ingeniously derived fantastical formulas to advance their agenda of building an underground utopia. And Sticky Wickle, they believe, is the ultimate key to their success.

These rare plants grow, generally in the more remote, and by that definition, often dangerous locations throughout Eem. Their value to the Shrym comes from an explosive, chemical reaction when the petals are placed under extremely bright lights–a reaction that has been used for both remarkable feats of engineering and terrible follies of destruction. The reaction was first discovered by Skesh the Shyrm, a noted alchemist who had been very successful in developing a quick communication network, commonly referred to as ‘chatter flash’, that involved enormous mirrors exposed to the light of the sun in successive patterns. The mirrors would relay the concentrated beams of light to various points within the tunnel networks and thusly communicate simple messages. Skesh was hailed a genius. However, during a simple test of a miniaturized version of chatter flash, he managed to concentrate a blindingly bright flash of light onto a bed of Sticky Wickle, freshly picked and woven, which suddenly ignited burying the poor alchemist in his laboratory for three days.

Once freed from the rubble, Skesh devised hundreds of devices that immediately employed the rare vines to completely and radically advance the Shrym culture into an industrial power that rivaled even the largest Goblin bureaucracies and the riches of Dweorg treasure-states.