Dweorg Ditties

While much of Dweorg music is often accompanied by complicated carillon instrumentation, Dweorg ditties are vocal harmonies sung in throaty, guttural tones, which either have no accompaniment or are sung in tandem with a single bell. While the term “ditty” may suggest simpleness, Dweorg ditties are anything but simple in the execution of their singing technique. 

Dweorgs manipulate their throats to chant and hum and sing in multiple pitches at the same time, creating an eerie resonant effect that echoes through the airy tunnels and caverns of the Underlands.

Primarily, Dweorg ditties are work songs, employed to maintain the order and efficiency of the creatures that they enslave and put to work for their nefarious, greedy purposes. These songs have even been known to hypnotize and ensorcel certain Underland beasts, keeping them as essentially mindless drones.

Despite their unpleasant connotations, Dweorg ditties are some of the catchiest tunes the world has to offer. And it’s been suggested that if Dweorgs had any social or business acumen at all to go along with their bottomless greed, they would be known as the greatest bards of Eem, topping the charts and sitting atop mountains of gold.