Thorny Bingles

Far less temperamental than Keester Snaps, the wiry, flighty Thorny Bingle is a skittish insect of that prizes nectar above all other things. In fact, Boggles frequently harvest nectar in human thimbles, which they refer to as ‘sweetie cauldrons’ and lure Bingles into wicker herding cages. Once captured, Boggle wranglers settle and saddle the fluttery beasts with a gentle touch and a nectar snack, as opposed to breaking them in harshly.  

Thorny Bingles, though gentle in nature, are not entirely harmless. In fact, they are one of the most poisonous creatures in the Middle Kingdoms, with a deadly ichor located under the first layer of their hard carapace. The ichor is a kind of venom that petrifies any unsuspecting predator eager for a nibble. Boggles, however are very rarely affected as they are far from strong enough to crack a Thorny Bingle’s shell, be it by force or accident.

In terms of flight, Thorny Bingles are agile and lithe and though they swarm on occasion, their nature is relaxed and panic is not a common attribute associated with their lethargy. This sort of nonchalant attitude has lead many Boggles to seek a sort of primitive enlightenment from the nature of these insects. For example, one Icky Nicky Nocky the Grand Boggle of Under-Thurf has transcended the common Boggle tropes and is recognized as a spiritually enlightened teacher of all things ‘easy going’ and his presence is frequented by Boggle youths seeking understanding and self awareness. Though, It should be noted that in greater Boggle society this sort of self-reflection is frowned upon, and many believers are banished or tossed into rat pits to be devoured.

The Penta Ghasts

The Penta Ghasts is the name of a poem written by an unknown author who once dwelled within the Starless Sedge. The poem’s subject matter is widely debated within the circles in which such odd and grim poetry is celebrated, though it is firmly agreed that the poem is intended as a warning. And even further, others that trek into the darker places of the world, believe the poem itself may be a small portion of a long forgotten, and most certainly dreadful spell.

Oddities that remain unexplained are many. For instance, why the prominent usage of the letter “B”? None seem to know and will likely never be discovered, but one thing is for certain: The Penta Ghasts begs the reader be wary of a terrible thing that lurks in places inaccessible to us, and lives on as a reminder to “be mindful of your tears”.

The poem reads:

Below, there wakes the third and fourth.
Blinking in the dark.
Beneath, there lulls the dreaming fifth.
Be wary of the spark.

Behind, there rises ribbons black
Billow though they might
Between, there creeps a narrow hand
Be fearful of the night

Before, there dwelled a mournful tongue
Bereaved are those who hear
Beyond, there stirs a seeing star
Be mindful of your tears


To average folk, a sparrow-sprite is indiscernible from a common garden sparrow, but to the initiated, sparrow-sprites are very special creatures who can not only talk, but often bind themselves to adventurers to act as heralds and road companions for those that have journeyed far, far from home.

It is believed that sparrow-sprites found their affinity for travelers long ago, when Eem was host to heroes in the age before Goblin machinations threw the world into industrial stagnation. Sparrow-sprites are kind by nature and hold in their hearts a thoughtful pity for any creature that cannot freely roam from one place to another by way of flight. Many a worried mother, father, wife, and husband have been visited by a sparrow-sprite as their loved one traverses the roads of some far off place. And many lonely wanders have been uplifted by news from home when their sparrow-sprite returns.

Among themselves, sparrow-sprites are called Eo, and primarily make nests in the Dingledell. Those sparrow-sprites who do not engage in the age old tradition of aiding travelers generally live in forest canopy communities (the largest being the city of Quickbough), where they tend to the well-being of the wood in tandem with any local gnomes or unicorns. Unfortunately, much of their time is also spent warding off raids and attacks from the Buzzards, a nomadic tribe of hawk-riding Boggles who terrorize the Dingledell and Grimly Wood.